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As an exercise to improve my UI/UX design skills, I decided to start the 100-day Daily UI challenge, a newsletter system that sends out a UI prompt every weekday for 100 days.

I designed UI elements using Adobe Illustrator and Sketch, and I developed the website using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and AngularJS.

Highlights of a few of my favorite designs:

Day 19: Leaderboard
Day 23: Onboarding
Day 29: Map
Day 30: Pricing

Although the main goal in this challenge was to improve my UI design skills, the process of creating the exhibition site for my progress was really, more than anything, a venture into learning AngularJS. I knew I wanted to build a grid-style layout that could label prompts and switch between images with more ease and efficiency than just listing out dozens of <img> tags in HTML. After hours of reading documentation and browsing dozens of Stack Overflow posts, I learned how to use Angular directives and controllers to achieve much more flexible, readable, and efficient code.

Lessons learned: AngularJS is great for creating any type of grid layout that 1) contains many images, and 2) requires functionality for navigating sequentially through multiple images.

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