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When all of America became entirely consumed by the Pokémon Go app craze in the summer of 2016, I was inspired to create some Pokémon illustrations.

I made all illustrations using Adobe Illustrator and developed the showcase website using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and AngularJS.

Landing page, grid layout
Card UI: Bulbasaur
Card UI: Weedle

Like the Daily UI website, the process of creating this exhibition site was a part of my journey in learning AngularJS. As is obvious by clicking through the different cards on the site, each card contains different information styled with the exact same layout. Instead of having to create multiple identical card elements in HTML, I found that by using Angular, I could create just one card that could switch out different pieces of information.

Lessons learned: I think I sort of have a knack for vectorizing cutesy beady-eyed creatures, and using AngularJS is helpful for efficiently coding multiple copies of identically-styled elements.

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